Investment Strategy

This helps us to focus us on important business deals. It marks out the path to follow to reach objectives in the best way and obtain the best results with the investments made.

Target CompaniesGeographic ScopeSectorsShares TypeDurationManagement

Target Companies

We rely on companies that present a strong growth potential and occupy or could have a leading position in their sector. We are open to any sector, in different stages of development (venture, equity, etc.) and in projects of very diverse types (MBOs, LBOs or Turnarounds, among others).

Geographic Scope

Although the origin of our operations is investments in Spanish companies, we have extended our geographic scope in order to have a presence in Puerto Cancún (Mexico).


We invest in different sectors and industries. Currently, we cover projects in telecommunications, technologies, real estate, the hotel industry, leisure and tourism, mobility and financial investments.

Shares Type

Our flexibility allows us to take minority shares as well as majority ones in co-investments with like-minded business partners.


We practise active listening before any investment project. The ideal transaction size is determined by the development phase and the type of project.


Investment models

We facilitate and develop projects, maximising the value of the companies, adapting ourselves with great flexibility to the casuistries found in the transactions made and looking for positive return on the investment.

Our investment models focus on:

1. Owners of companies in processes of growth and expansion of their businesses that are looking for a business partner who will contribute to the company.

All these years of experience in management has granted us a multi-sectoral general view, in addition to the specialised, sectoral vision of our business partners, which enormously enriches the development of the target company. The self management of our funds gives us great flexibility and coherency, making our decisions based on the ability to generate future value from the investments made.

2. Other investment firms that are looking for a business partner to undertake a project with.

Our experience, based on the corporate world, gives us a general view, always prioritising the search for consensus rather than conflict. For foreign investors with an interest in Spain but without a local presence, GAT Inversores acts as a local business partner, knowing about the opportunities and threats of the Spanish market and the different market players.

3.Investment advisors and intermediaries.

At GAT Inversores, we can respond to any concerns that emerge in the investment, facilitating an orderly and satisfactory process for all the parties involved. Our property and financial solvency is a key element that guarantees the closing of the operations on time and due form and without unforeseen delays.


We do not set a time horizon. Our differentiating value compared with other investment companies is the generation and maximisation of value; consequently, the need for liquidity or rotation of the portfolio for the years passed does not harm the generation of value, favouring the interests of the investors and the businesses


GAT Inversores is directly involved in the management of the companies that it invests in, having an active participation in the Boards of Directors and the Executive Commissions, providing a deep knowledge of corporate reality, a multi-sectoral vision and experience in specialised management and the maximisation of the value of the companies.

A committed team of managers with a high level of experience in each project accompany us in all the investments, real experts of the business and to whom we entrust the day to day management.