Investment Models

Since 2004, GAT Inversiones has been actively listening, facilitating and developing projects, maximising company value, easily adapting to the circumstances in the transactions made and looking for positive return on investment.

Our investment models focus on:

1. Those owners of growing companies, expanding their business, who are looking for a shareholder who contributes to the enterprise.

Years of experience in management have given us a broad multi-sectoral perspective, in addition to our shareholders’ specialised and sectoral perspective, greatly enriching the target company’s development. Managing our own funds makes us highly flexible and consistent, making our decisions based on the potential of the investment’s future value generation.

2. Other investment firms which are looking for a partner to undertake a project with.

Our experience, based on the world of business, gives us a broad perspective, always prioritising consensus building over conflict. For foreign investors interested in Spain but who are not located on the peninsula, GAT Inversiones acts as a local shareholder, an expert in the opportunities and risks of the Spanish market and the different market players.

3. Investment advisors and intermediaries.

At GAT Inversiones, we can respond to the concerns that arise in investment, facilitating an ordered and successful process for all parties involved. Our equity and financial solvency is key, guaranteeing that deals are closed properly and on time, without unforeseen delay.